Want to be part of our public beta?

We invite developers and hardware manufacturers to join the Geia network.



We’d like to build a community of developers who actively contribute features for our community to use.

Our fully published API enables you to develop extra features and functionality to meet your own needs or those of our community. Then share your work with our community in the Geia marketplace.

[Read our API Documentation]


For Retailers & Shops

We are always keen to expand our offer to customers, if you’d like to see our products in your shop, please get in touch.

convert your sales into ongoing revenue by offering your customers services such as installation and maintenance.

[Link to a separate page for Shops]



We invite original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use the Geia app to add value for your customers.
We work with OEMs in a variety of ways.
– We can help you add Geia compatibility to your hardware.
– You can white label Geia to add it seamlessly into the product and service offering you offer your customers.

[Link to a separate page for OEMs]


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