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Download Geia™ OS & IoT Firmware

Use the tool to burn OS on gateway’s SD card

Extract the zip file and use the burning tool to burn OS on the SD card

Download Firmware Burner tool

Use this tool to Upload our firmware on the IoT sensor board

Download IoT Firmware

Download firmware for our board or any ESP8266 compatible board

Geia™ Cloud Desktop

Use your favorite browser to access our cloud desktop APP & enjoy most of the features available in the APP.

Getting Started

Check out the documentation to assemble the IOT Gateway & Nodes where after you can configure your automation

IoT Gateway Master Grow Hub

Setup Geia™ IoT Gateway

Read documentation to assemble the IoT gateway & follow the setup using the easy wizard in the APP

Pair IoT Nodes, Sensors & Relays

Assemble & connect the nodes with sensors & electrical relay switches, integrate on your own system then use the APP to pair each Node, sensor, relays & solenoid valves.


Add Zones & Setup Automations

Setup your grow environment, add grow areas & simply configure grow automation  functions click-by-click using our user-friendly app.

Re-brand the system to suite your buisness

Implement hardware in your grow products & re-brand APP

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