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Precision Farming using IOT & Big Data

About XLABS Team:

Geia is a project by XLABS Ltd teaming up professionals around the world.


Special Thanks to:



Anthony Yolach Lloveras (PH)  https://bitbucket.org/2n2n/ (Proof of concept Front END)

Aaldrin Gauran  (PH)  https://bitbucket.org/aldrin27/ )(Proof of concept Front END)

Banki Louis (CM)

Benjamin Gakami (KE) (API)

Tomer.K (IL)

Tom. S (CA) (APP)

Jin Xing (CN) (APP)

Zheng Cheng(CN) (APP)

David Gabor (HU)(APP)


Jurica George (HR)(Backend) (Static Team member)

Miquel Fontes (DK)(Backend)

Anub.H (Backend)

Emil.S (IL)(Embedded)

Igor.T (RU)(Embedded)



Nermin Mezit (CS)

Helena Borges  (PT)


Esther R. (UK)


Security Analysis:



People who contributed code solutions: Thanks for: SonOTA hackers


Electrical engineering & Alternative energy: Philip Feger (DE)

3D Print Engineer & Design: (UK)

Farmer and Test Farms:  Martin, Phillip

Gardening engineer: David.M

Chief Biology scientific officer & Research associates: PhD Prof. Amos Goldshmit (IL) & PhD Renata.S (IL)

Cloud Provider, Networks Administration : Cloud4Hosting.eu

Warehouse representative: DSC Ltd

Factory representative: Celia Wu (CN)

EU & International law specialist: dr.Prof. Amir.A  (HU)

Early Contributor: Adam.S (CZ)

Founder, CTO, System Architect and Lead developer: Junell.A








About the technology


IoT Solutions for Agriculture and Farming

Water savings, crop diseases, greenhouses real-time monitor and some other IoT features are some of the tools that will improve the agricultural and farming of the future. The IoT technologies introduction on agricultural ecosystems plus the advanced data management from these ecosystems are a game changer in the world. All of these efforts related with the Internet of Things enable farmers to get real-time insights of their production and further improve the quality and safety of their production benefiting the final customers.

Our approach

GEIA helps farmers and agriculture companies access their real-time information and use tools to analyze the data. We innovate and improve daily processes and business using our technology and the most advanced Internet of Things devices to connect their fields and farms.


Precision farming

Precision Farming is about managing variations in the field accurately to grow more food using fewer resources and reducing production costs. It covers all aspects of the environment – soil, weather, vegetation, water. All these factors determine crop growth and farming success. Geia delivers the tools to measure, map and manage these variations precisely.

Geia is specially designed for the agriculture and horticulture industries. It is a specialized artificial intelligence designed to help solve a simple issue: defining the growing techniques that achieve the best optimized results and maximum yields with minimum resources and maximum efficiency.

Crop intensification through precision farming




Artificial Intelligence- The Goal

Geia is learning biology, chemistry, biochemistry, meteorology, some basic physics and more than 56k types of plants – to become an intelligent grow system – literally speaking the plants language. Geia offers operational intelligence and analytical intelligence. Analytics is where all the magic of learning happens.

Geia helps to make the difference:

  • Suggest the best proven environmental configurations for the given plant
  • Sustainably increase productivity
  • Enhances resilience (adaptation)
  • Environmental protection
  • Track crop quality

Example of AI:

  • Plants recognition by picture
  • Disease forecasting: Forecast diseases based on disease modeling and environment conditions
  • Recognize diseases and adjust grow parameters on the fly automatically
  • Automate plant growing per the needs and responds of the plants











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