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Retailers and drop shippers are welcome to partner with us and to register for admission to our special retailer program.  In particular, grow shops, agriculture shops, garden tools retailers and online shops are encouraged to benefit from our special partnership program.

Join our reseller program and enjoy all the benefits

Get special and highly competitive pricing of a cutting edge technology

Add value to your current shop by selling our hardware and enjoy substantially lower wholesale rates. Be reminded that adding new technology to your portfolio is a sound business decision, as low competitiveness in the market plus a competitive IoT entry prices means higher revenue for your shop and higher profits for you.

Access dedicated support and training

All resellers get free training from our staff, in addition to continuous dedicated online support regarding any of of our products an services.

Worldwide and local marketing materials

All resellers benefit from our worldwide and local marketing campaigns, and get instant access to these materials directly from our staff.

Quick Order Service

Quickly place large orders by uploading a CSV file on our quick order page

Drop shipping Plugin

Drop shippers benefit from our woocommerce drop shipping plugin to import products, shipping rates and place orders automatically on our web-shop or alternatively interact with our  public API with any other e-commerce system

Collect monthly residuals

convert your product sales into ongoing monthly revenue by offering your customers additional services such as installation, training,  maintenance and support.

Priority access to new releases, custom configurations.

All resellers enjoy priority access to inventory on new products before unauthorized resellers, ensuring that your customers are among the first to own the newest releases.

Easily Import Our Product Data

Export our products & rates into csv excel sheet that can be imported easily in any web-shop

Enjoy a Variety of Shipping Options

We offer wide variety of shipping options from our warehouse in China

White Label Retail Program

In addition to our special retailer program, we also offer a White Label Retail scheme, which provides you with OEM sulotions, where you can fully rebrand our products and app and sell pre-assembeled packs. When registering for our retailer program, please select the white label retail scheme.

Admission to our special retailer program is subject to the following conditions:

Admission to our special retailer program is subject to the following conditions:

Admission to our special retailer program is subject to the following conditions:

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