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Redundancy Tips for Geia IoT System

To protect your mission critical system and minimize the risks involved, especially in aeroponics & hydroponics grow mediums we recommend following this guide to improve the resilience of our IoT system in cases of:

  1. Power Outage
  2. Internet Outage (Offline Mode)
  3. IoT Gateway Hardware failure

Power Outage:

The power bank offered in our shop is only suitable to avoid data lose & fast resume of operation once power is back. For the system to continue operations while on outage, Power the IoT Gateway & WiFi router using either:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (UPS)
  • Off-grid Solar & Wind energy with battery charger

Sensor Nodes:

  • Connect node with our battery power-bank, This acts as a UPS
  • Run sensor node off-grid & in energy save mode using our solar panel & power bank addon

Power Cords & Solenoids:

  • Connect Critical electrical appliances & Iot power cord to an Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (UPS) => for example water pumps & nutrition dossers.
  • For Valves / Solenoids, use our Off-grid actuator node

Internet Outage (Offline Mode)

Geia system was designed to continue operations also when internet is down this assuming local WiFi Network is still operational.

Offline Mode Online Mode
Sensor Readings
In-app Live Data *
Logging Sensor & Actuator data **
In-app Historical Data & Charts
Add or Modify automation function

* From version 0.9+ The APP must be connected to the same local network as gateway and switch in-app connection type to local network mode

** From version 0.9+ Sensor Data will be synchronized automatically once gateway is back online and connected to the cloud

Fail-over IoT Gateway

From version 0.9+ its possible to use a 2nd gateway on the same local network, this will acts as a fail over gateway in case main IoT gateway fails.

In-case of data lose (like aging of SD card), replacing SD card on the faulty gateway will automatically restore data (either from the fail-over gateway or cloud)

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