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Intelligent platform facilitating agritech sustainable growth

Designed specifically to work with soil-less hydro-culture grow systems & Soil based


Aeroponics HPA

Aeroponics low & high pressure



Accommodate fishes & plants: Balance system to suit bacteria, fish & plant requirements.



Drip, Wich, NFT, Ebb&Flow, Deep water & rotary systems


Tissue Culture

Perfect solution for labs using micro-propagation tissue cultures

Reduce management, workload & valuable resources while improving quality & increasing yields

By using Geia.AI™ IoT precision farming automation system

Precision Farming Automation
Intelligent Farming Simplified

Enhance your farming operations with GEIA.AI’s intuitive platform for automated precision farming and data-driven insights

Boost Crop Performance

Optimize your yields and increase efficiency with GEIA.AI’s advanced monitoring and control system for your farm.

Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

Embrace sustainable farming practices with GEIA.AI’s technology, saving resources while ensuring high-quality crops.

Data-Driven Farm Management

Harness the power of data analytics to analyze, compare, and identify optimal growth conditions for your plants.

Optimize Costs and Yields

Calculate production costs and track yields to maximize profitability and make informed farming decisions.

Resource Conservation Made Easy

Save valuable resources such as water and energy by leveraging GEIA.AI’s intelligent automation and water management.

Protect Plants from Diseases

Enhance plant resilience and reduce the risk of diseases using GEIA.AI’s proactive monitoring and preventive measures.

Track Genetics for Future Success

Preserve and track the genetic heritage of your plants over generations, ensuring quality and consistent results.

Stay Ahead of the Weather - Outdoors

Make informed decisions with micro weather forecasting provided by GEIA.AI, optimizing farm operations for changing conditions.

Streamlined Farm Management

Simplify your workload and eliminate manual tasks with GEIA.AI, automating processes and reducing time spent on mundane activities.

How IoT works?

Futuristic environmental monitoring and control system powered by the interne of things (IOT), big data & artificial intelligence designed for farmers, growers and hobbyists to deliver optimized efficiency and increased yields.

How GEIA IoT Precision Farming Automates Hydroponics


Manage your livings from our features rich APP

Add Automations per zone

Add automations to each zone

Hand Log Data

If you take manual measurements, you may log in app

Manage Gardens

Add automations to each zone

Live Data & Sound Alerts

Add automations to each zone

Charts & Analytics

Calculate costs up to plant level

New futures on monthly based

Our Roadmap is tense & long, become a VIP and prioritize your next favorit feature

Discover the Power of GEIA.AI

Explore our comprehensive features that revolutionize precision farming. From automation to data insights, GEIA.AI has you covered.

Join Our Partner Network: Unlock New Opportunities with GEIA.AI

We are seeking partnerships with retailers, growshops, dropshippers, and businesses interested in reselling and implementing GEIA.AI as a powerful IoT software solution.

Retailers, Growshops & Dropshippers

Expand your product offerings and tap into the growing market of precision farming automation. Become a GEIA.AI partner and offer our cutting-edge IoT software solution to your customers.

White Label OEM Solution

Enhance your brand with our customizable white label OEM solution. Leverage the power of GEIA.AI’s precision farming automation technology under your own brand name, providing added value to your customers.

3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrate GEIA.AI into your existing website, app, or webshop with our robust API and MQTT protocol. Unlock new functionalities and provide a comprehensive solution to your users. Share our documentation with your developer to get started.

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