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Automate your grow with Geia™ Starters Kit

Suitable For All Grow Mediums & Systems


Aeroponics HPA

Aeroponics low & high pressure



Accomodate fish and plants, and find the find balance between bacteria, fish and plants requirements.



Drip,Wich,NFT,Ebb&Flow,Deep water and rotary systems


Soil & Coco

Soil and any other grow medium

Whats Included in the Kit?

IoT Gateway

Gateway is the local heart of the system where all nodes connect to. It also ensures operations are running smoothly. Click here to learn how to improve resilience & redundancy of Gateway.

Planting time-line stages & cycles

Plan your plants stages & cycles and automate grow zone per timeline.

See plants time line and progress, add notes & feedbacks.

To-do Tasks list, Maintenance & Calendar

Clean filters, pumps & seasonal tools & assets maintenance

Assets & Garden tools

Keep track of assets, asset use, location and maintenance, including to-do lists and maintenance costs.


Water Sense Node

Industrial EC/TDS, PH & Water tempreture probes

Monitor Live  & control reservoir PH, EC/TDS levels. To be used with nutrition dosing pump.

Water Level Sensor

Monitor & Control Water level & do re-fills or change water

Roots tempreture & Humidity Sensor

Used for watering automation & fail-over watering

Air Node

Air Tempreture & Humidity

Tweak environmental parameters easily and compare results

Light Lux Sensor

Monitor light & trigger backup lights, measure LUX/UV

Movement Sensor

Great for security & safety functions

IoT 4 Channel Intelligent Switch with USB

Electrical Sockets Node

Intelligent Sockets

4x WiFi Controllable sockets to automate your pumps, lights and solenoids

USB Power Ports

4x USB for powering nodes

Measure Energy Usage

See power costs per appliance

Dosing Pump

Auto Dosing

Dose Automatically per sensor readings: PH / EC / ORP & per preset amounts on water change.

Manual Dosing

Define the amount & click to dose, or set dosing on calendar

DIY Self Assmebly Parts

Package includes Box, 4x Dossing Pumps, Electrical board & Wires

IoT WiFi Doser Pump

**Dossing node may vary in color & box size, above photo is for illustration

Time-Lapse & WebCam Module board

TIme-Lapse Webcam Node

See Plants grow in timelapse

Cam captures multiple photos over the time  which allows you to see time-lapse

Compare Grow Time Lapse with Analytics Data

Pinpoint the source of issue that stunt the grow*

Data Encrypted

Data is encrypted on both ends

* Please note that this functionality is not yet available on the Beta APP

Actuator / Valves & Other parts

Solenoid Valves

Water tank topup & drain solnoid valves (All mediums), Watering solenoid valve (For HPA set)

**Dossing node may vary in color & box size, above photo is for illustration

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